Emily Cheeseman

An event design enthusiast, Emily joined Max & Livie because she loves event design - and for our fun, creative atmosphere. As Sales Coordinator, she provides exceptional customer service and credits our innovative event designs, professionalism, and fantastic delivery/strike crew as our greatest strengths. Emily's go-getter attitude and efficiency help her get the job done right. 

When not at work, this Colorado native participates in all things Colorado, including; hiking, biking, running, and of course, enjoying area breweries.

Lauren Page

After moving to Colorado from New York, where she spent 16 years as the New York City Flower Market queen, Lauren joined Max & Livie as Office Manager & Event Coordinator. In this role, her calm, logistical approach, stellar problem solving, and excellent communication helps clients know they're in good hands. 

Lauren credits the incredible inventory and talented sales team as the leading reasons clients choose Max & Livie. For her, it's the fantastic people on our team. Lauren's inspiration comes from all things beautiful, including flowers, Colorado's big sky, and our velvet couches! Lauren loves cooking, cookbooks, cooking shows, and researching recipes when she's not hard at work. We think she's into cooking.

Dan'elle (Dani) Sanger

Dani's love of the events industry comes through in everything she does. After nearly five years with a local DMC, Dani joined the Max & Livie team as a Sales and Event Design Manager. She is passionate about her work, attentive, creative, and committed to staying current on event designs and trends. Dani's favorite aspect of working with Max & Livie clients is relying on our superior products, designs, and crew to create a look that's just right.

A Colorado Native, Dani enjoys spending time with friends and family, horseback riding, paddleboarding, and attending fabulous events around the state when she's not at work.

Martin Willson

Martin has been with Max & Livie since the beginning. His well-rounded background in technical theater and events made him an ideal early addition to the team. Martin serves as the Operations Manager, aka "Jack of all trades" for the Max & Livie team. His keen ability to stay calm, bring out the best in others, and roll with the punches has proven invaluable time and time again. Martin's favorite aspects of working with Max & Livie are the variety of projects we work on and our people. 

When he's not running the show and rolling with the punches at work, Martin is often cooking, eating out, and eating - notice the theme? 

Serra Dorozan

After many years in the events industry, Serra joined Max & Livie as Managing Partner. As an owner of the company, Serra takes a hands-on approach to all aspects of Max & Livie. A self-proclaimed workaholic, Serra is a creative problem solver with a well-rounded background that allows her to dream big and execute flawlessly. As an innovative and logistical powerhouse, Serra collaborates with clients, team members, and friendors to create memorable experiences from start to finish. One of Serra's favorite aspects of working at Max & Livie is our people. She feels lucky to work with a group of industry pros who help her translate our client's visions into unforgettable events.  

When she's not at work, Serra enjoys anything that allows her to get outside, take in the sights and enjoy a good meal. Even when she's not creating events for our clients, Serra's favorite pastime is creating memorable moments with friends & family.